A Comet Appears...

My name is Cat. I'm a TV/Comic/Video game junky. I make vids and I can make GIFs too but I'm not that great at it. Shows: Smallville Fringe Doctor Who Lost Girl Whedonverse Glee Leverage TVD The Walking Dead Nikita Being Human Arrow

That was awesome!

Thank you!! :) 

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Bo Dennis // Ready or Not 

"Ready or not

Here I come

You can’t hide”

I'm AngelHearts1992 on YouTube :) gonna miss lost girl <3

Yeah me too! :,( It’s going to be hard but we still have two years of it to look forward to.

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Lois Lane & Clark Kent; The Daily Planet

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Lauren Lewis ConFaegion

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Bo and Lauren // Learn To Love Again(Acoustic) by Lawson

"That you and I could learn to love again after all this time. Maybe that is how I knew you were the one. That you could still believe in me again after all our trials."